Thursday, 28 January 2010

Well after a couple of days wandering around and getting lost I met up with Ari and went out with some of her friends, it was good fun. A lot of expats there. Her place has got a great view too.
Then after a week or so I got a sleeper train down to Surat Thani, which is the main ferry port to the islands. That took about 10hrs, I got there at about 6.30am, then was straight on the bus to the port for the ferry to Ko Samui! Which was quite hectic but it worked out well.
In Ko Samui I went to a beach called Hat Lamai, it was a pretty nice area. Quite an old crowd, but I got some good advice and got to watch some footie too. Everyone was very friendly.
And then from their I came to Ko Phangan. This is where the Full Moon party happens, that's in a couple of days now. Met quite a few Aussies out on Australia Day, they were having a pretty good time. We played beach cricket and footie, and I got very sunburnt. Bumped into Paul Speight briefly as well, he had just arrived. Will see him in a few days I guess.
It turns out I didn't bring any way of uploading photos, so I haven't been taking many, and I probably won't be able to put any up for a while. Anyway, having a good time and hoping everyone back home is too.


Monday, 11 January 2010

Made It!

Well despite my last minute fears about missed connections, immigration issues and malicious taxi drivers, everything went pretty smoothly. My iPod packed in just before I left which was a bummer, hopefully it will be ok soon. And it has become quite obvious that i have packed too much, I will have to jettison a few items soonish.
I'm staying at the New Merry V Guest House, a "Good place in Bangkok", which is nice. Just had a tasty yellow Thai curry and a couple of beers in the hotel restaurant, it seems a pretty good place. I think I read too much lonely planet in my room and started getting pretty paranoid about multiple horrific diseases, but it seemed to say that only people who are planning to stay in the area for a while should worry about them. Oh well.
Anyway I'm not going to do much tonight, just going to try and catch up on some sleep, then do a bit of exploring tomorrow. Oh and it was 33 degrees celcius when I landed. Which was quite a contrast. Anyway have fun.