Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ko Tao and India

The Full Moon Party was pretty good fun, and pretty surreal. We just wandered up and down the beach all night and morning, talking to various people. I think I went to bed at about 11am and pretty much slept through until 7 the next morning. Then that day I got the boat to Ko Tao where I finally managed to get a room after searching everywhere for a few hours. Loads of people from Ko Phangan had left for Ko Tao after the Full Moon, so everywhere was pretty booked up. My room was at a diving centre, so I also signed up to do my PADI Open Water Course.
That started the next evening with a little introductory talk, so I got to meet who I would be diving with, they were a cool bunch. A couple of Canadian sisters (Team Canada), two girls from Switzerland (Team Switzerland), and a guy from Missouri (Team Transatlantic with me). And there was a really nice BBQ every night.
We had to do 4 dives, and they were amazing. We saw some really cool fish and coral, but nothing really big. We were hoping to see Bull sharks, but unfortunately there were none around when we went to their stomping ground. It was still amazing.
And when we had all passed we had a little graduation ceremony that was meant to involve throwing up snorkels and masks like the mortarboards, but our instructor couldn't get hold of any so we had to make do without. It was really good fun though and I got to see Kuyts goal against Everton that night.
The day after that I got a boat and another sleeper train back to Bangkok where I had to get more vaccinations, and also pick up my Indian visa. I didn't do much else, and so the morning after I flew to Kalkota in India (after leaving my card in a machine in Bangkok airport; I'm now living off Travelers Cheques). When I booked the flight I was under the impression that Kalkota was in South India, but that turned out to be Chennai, so I ended up about 1000 miles Northwest of where I thought I was going. Which has worked out quite well, because I met someone who is going down to Pune, which is near Mumbai, to do a para-gliding course. I decided to tag along, although I will only do some tandem flights, but it sounds like pretty good fun.
Anyway, all is well, and I hope things are good back home.
All the best, Ben.

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  1. I am so ridiculously envious, it's not even funny. It sounds like you're having an awesome time on your scattered trip. Wish I had the trousers to go with the mouth & do it myself.
    I can't believe you left your card in a machine!! Only a northener :P

    Can't wait to read some more when you post it up man :)

    Laura/Lora xXx